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Biomedical Physics Division

Institute of Experimental Physics, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw,

Contact: Biomedical Physics Division, Pasteura 5, 02-093 Warsaw, Poland.  
  Tel.: +48 22 5532576

  Head: Jarosław Żygierewicz


Research: In the center of attention of our Division lies the analysis of biological signals and modeling of the electrical brain activity. We develop models and advanced methods of time series analysis, especially these connected with the nervous system (electro- and magneto- encephalograms, electrocorticograms, event related potentials, local field potentials and otoacoustic emissions in humans and animals) for research and clinical applications. The research involves cooperation with many laboratories, in particular Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Universities of Amsterdam, Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology and others.

The results of our investigations allow for determination of sources of brain activity and topographical dynamic patterns of signals propagation, which made possible e.g. finding physical correlates of motor control and elucidation of processes of information transfer in brain. The results were applied e.g. in construction of brain-computer interfaces. 

Methods based upon adaptive time-frequency parameterization of signals (matching pursuit), developed in our Department, provide a unique tool for micro- and macro-scale analysis of the signal, and allow for a unification of the traditional, clinical analysis of EEG with advanced signal processing, which has impact on both clinical and research applications.

Modeling of the oscillatory electrical activity of the neural assemblies during normal and pathological states of brain, in particular, in case of epilepsy is aimed to revel basic mechanisms of seizure generation and to develop rational methods for seizure prediction and control.

Challenges defined by economy and sociology very much enrich our scientific interest, for instance, by various theories of statistical time-series (non-linear and non-stationary ones) as well as by advanced numerical simulations and quantitative modelling. These problems are main topics of research and teaching by a group of Econophysics in our Division.


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Katarzyna J. Blinowska, prof. kjbli 4.12 32 812
Beata Brzozowska, dr Beata.Brzozowska 4.67 32 867

Edyta Dąbrowska, mgr Edyta.Dabrowska 3.48 32 748
Mateusz Denys, mgr Mateusz.Denys 3.47 32 747
Maria Duczymińska mduczym 4.03 32 576
Piotr J. Durka, prof.
durka 4.68 32 868
Anna Duszyk, mgr
Anna.Duszyk 4.66 32 866
Elżbieta Gajewska-Dendek, mgr Elzbieta.Gajewska-  Dendek 4.58 32 858

Damiano Gentiletti, mgr

 Damiano.Gentiletti 4.58 32 858  
Marta Giżyńka, mgr
marta.gizynska 3.48 32 748
Tomasz Gubiec, dr
Tomasz.Gubiec 3.14 32 714
Maciej Kamiński, dr hab. moira 4.69 32 869
Aleksiej Khrabrov, mgr
Aleksiej.Khrabrov 4.55 32 855
Paweł Kordowski, mgr
Pawel.Kordowski 3.47 32 747
Rafał Kuś, dr rkus 4.67 32 867
Ryszard Kutner, prof. dr hab. erka 3.30 32 730

Grzegorz Link, mgr Grzegorz.Link 3.14 32 714
Maciej Łabęcki, mgr Maciej.Labecki 4.58 32 858
Piotr Milanowski, mgr Piotr.Milanowski 4.66 32 866
Jakub Pietrzak, mgr
Jakub.Pietrzak 4.65 32 865
Marcin Pietrzak, mgr Marcin.Pietrzak 4.65 32 865
Piotr Różański, mgr 3.47 32 747
Tomasz Spustek, mgr
Tomasz.Spustek 4.66 32 866
Andrzej Suda, inż. suda 4.60 32 860
Piotr Suffczyński, dr hab.
suffa 4.69 32 869
Mateusz Wiliński, mgr
Mateusz.Wilinski 3.14 32 714
Bartłomiej Włodarczyk, mgr
Bartlomiej.Wlodarczyk 3.48 32 748
Weronika Wolszczak, mgr
weronika.wolszczak 4.65 32 865
Magdalena Zieleniewska, mgr
Magdalena.Zieleniewska 4.55 32 855
Jarosław Żygierewicz, dr hab.
jarekz 4.70 32 870




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